Thrifting for Fun and Profit

One of my oldest pastimes has turned into my newest obsession…thrifting.  There are so many great reasons to shop at thrift stores.  I used to enjoy browsing thrift stores to find items that I needed for a discounted price.  Then I started noticing the high resale value of some items that I found in thrift... Continue Reading →

Can Being Late Make You Live Longer?

A short time ago I came across an article titled “Science Says People Who are always late are more successful and live longer.”[1]  Since I come from a long line of tardy people, I decided to look into this further. 

A Risk Worth Taking

She stepped up onto the icy rail, knowing that her actions were risky.  It was the first time in months that she felt something other than crushing grief.   The mist from the icy air felt like tiny needles driving into her cheeks.  Her face began to feel numb from the cold, but she was smiling. ... Continue Reading →

You Can Have It All…and Burnout Too.

  “People experience burnout as a gradual erosion of their spirit and zest as a result of …too many pressures, conflicts, demands.”[i]   Doing your best and “giving your all” is what many of us strive for on a daily basis.  In our workouts, we are encouraged to push through burnout rounds and work to... Continue Reading →

I Am An Impostor

That feeling that you are a fraud, that one day people will find out you have no idea what you are doing,  it has a name…Impostor Syndrome.  It can strike when you get that first real job, when you leave the hospital with your first child, or when you graduate from college.  You feel like... Continue Reading →

An Attempt At Father’s Day Gratitude

My Attempt at Expressing Gratitude on Father’s Day   I am not a very sentimental person.  I used to be, but that part of me is long gone.  Lately, my cards to my dad on Father’s day consist of something like “Happy ‘Farter’s day” or “Enjoy laying in your armchair… since that’s something you never... Continue Reading →

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