♫ I’m a Believer…Not a Trace of Doubt in My Mind ♫

There is always that one song that takes you back in time. For me, there are lots of those songs. Some of them transport me to painful times, and some to happy times. Sadly, any Nirvana song takes me straight back to tenth grade and makes me feel like an overly sensitive, heartbroken teenager.  But other songs take be back to happier, carefree times…like my own personal time machine. “I’m a Believer” takes me back to sitting in my living room watching The Monkees reruns on MTV.  These were the days when anything seemed possible…before I knew Davy Jones was only 5’3 and the Monkees were a “made-for-TV band”…when I listened to music on a boom box and MTV still played music videos.  When neon clothes and Swatch Watches were in style…and Goonies never died.  These were the days when weekends were long and my friends said things like “gag me with a spoon” and “grody to the max.” When I was a believer…without a trace of doubt in my mind.



5 thoughts on “♫ I’m a Believer…Not a Trace of Doubt in My Mind ♫

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  1. Love this! I was obsessed with the Monkees as a kid. I tremendously being devastated when my mom told me they were reruns and the band was much older and defunct. I still listen to their greatest hits when I need a pick me up. ☺

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    1. Thanks for reading! I loved the Monkees then and I still do. I pulled up some of the episodes up on YouTube when I wrote this post and it brought back so many memories of watching the reruns after school 🙂

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