An Attempt At Father’s Day Gratitude

My Attempt at Expressing Gratitude on Father’s Day


I am not a very sentimental person.  I used to be, but that part of me is long gone.  Lately, my cards to my dad on Father’s day consist of something like “Happy ‘Farter’s day” or “Enjoy laying in your armchair… since that’s something you never do.  Haha.”  Same goes for the cards to my husband.  I go straight to the funny card section and avoid the sentimental cards like a contagious disease.  I was not going to blog about Father’s day, but then I realized that one of the goals of my blog is to be more open and to give compliments when due.  I’ll try not to gag as I write this because I really do appreciate my dad and my husband, and all they have done for me and my kids.  It has just become so hard to express my feelings.  This will not be overly sentimental (I’m not yet capable of that) but is my best effort at expressing my gratitude.


My Dad–  My dad is an interesting person and has some unique personality traits.  I think I can relate to him as well as anyone because I have the same type of analytical thinking skills and struggle with some of the same issues.  We both tend to bottle up our emotions, so sometimes communication is not as natural as I would like.  However, there are so many admirable qualities about my dad that I need to acknowledge.  Here is a sampling of some of my favorites:


  1. He provides comfort by remaining in the same place and following the same routine most days.  Some people may think of this as a bad thing, but there is great comfort in walking into my childhood home and knowing where everything is.  Not much has changed in my dad’s routine and it is easy to know exactly what to expect each day.
  2. He can figure out just about anything. If something breaks or needs repairs, he can figure out how to fix or how to get the information needed to get it taken care of…even if the solution involves lots of duct tape.
  3. He is inventive. He can come up with an inventive solution for pretty much any problem that comes up.  He sees it as a challenge.  Even though he sometimes complains, it’s pretty clear he enjoys inventing and problem-solving.
  4. He doesn’t care what people think. He goes about his life in the way he wants to without much thought to what others expect from him.  Although I think this quality should be practiced in moderation, it has been a learning experience watching my father ask for what he wants or needs without any hesitation.
  5. He plays with his grandkids and dogs. He can let go of his stresses and be playful like have never seen before when he is around his grandkids and dogs.  He has a way with dogs and little kids.  Maybe it’s because dogs and small kids don’t’ expect much and it is not hard to make them happy.
  6. He would do anything for his kids and wife. Again, he might moan and complain, but in the end, he is as dedicated as they come.  If we need him, he is there.


My Husband– This post is for my husband…the father of my three children.  I have realized that Father’s day is not just about kids honoring their fathers, but about all of us honoring the men in our life who are fathers, even if they are not our own.  My husband, like my dad, is not really a stereotypical dad.  He has great qualities that make him a great father to our children:


  1. He plays with the kids. He gets on the ground and plays dolls, or Spiderman or even paints our girls’ nails.  These are things I notice but do not always acknowledge as I should.  I know the impact on our kids will last well into their adulthood.
  2. He gets angry, but he apologizes and makes it right. Everyone gets angry.  Having kids can be stressful and sometimes it’s hard not to get upset.  But if he does get upset, it’s not long before he starts to realize it is not worth it to be angry and he goes to have a nice long talk with the kids.
  3. He gives pep talks. When one of the kids is upset or discouraged about grades, friends or a bad day of sports, he gives them a talk about motivation and perseverance.  I know most of the information goes in one ear and out the other ear of our kids.  But, even if none of the points he is trying to make stick, they will remember that he was there for them when they needed support.
  4. He makes them laugh. He can pull them out of a bad mood by making a subtle comment that somehow makes them laugh through tears.  He can also turn a boring situation into a fun time with his crazy comments.  I know those are the things the kids will remember when they grow up.
  5. He goes out of his way to make sure the kids have what they need. Even though he might complain about the “inconvenience” of having to bring a forgotten lunch or backpack to school, or having to run out to get supplies for that last minute school project, he always comes through in the end and does what needs to be done to help our kids.  They may not appreciate it now, but I’m confident they will one day…when they are the ones going out of their way for their own kids.  Until then, I appreciate what he does more that I can express.

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.

-Jim Valvano


5 thoughts on “An Attempt At Father’s Day Gratitude

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  1. Hi Rebecca…
    What a great way to tell the men in your life of just how much you appreciate them. Cards are ok corny or not but the written word from a loved one is something a man will hold dear to his heart. You have made a declaration of your love and acknowledgement to both the men in your life. What a great thing to do…

    Hugs from Canada

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Rolly. Your words mean a lot to me. I always choose funny cards because the other ones are so corny. This is my first attempt at something real in a very long time. 😊


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