A Risk Worth Taking

She stepped up onto the icy rail, knowing that her actions were risky.  It was the first time in months that she felt something other than crushing grief.   The mist from the icy air felt like tiny needles driving into her cheeks.  Her face began to feel numb from the cold, but she was smiling.  The sound of thousands of tons of water hitting the jagged boulders below blocked out all the noise within her head.

The top bar of the metal rail was about 3 feet high and a cross-bar was positioned about half way up.  She stood on the rail with the base of her high heels catching on the crossbar and her shins resting on the upper rail.  Thick ice covered the rail from the constant icy mist of the falls.  She chose to come here tonight because whenever she traveled here as a child she was overwhelmed by the power she felt radiating from the water.  If this natural wonder could not give her hope, then she would let it consume her.  Leaning forward into the darkness she felt a sense of calm.  Suddenly, she felt the snap of her left high heel.  With a renewed survival instinct, she tried to throw her body back to regain her balance.  The icy rail was unforgiving and her right foot slipped away from the crossbar.  She looked up at the stars and realized that it was a risk she had to take.



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