Thrifting for Fun and Profit

One of my oldest pastimes has turned into my newest obsession…thrifting.  There are so many great reasons to shop at thrift stores.  I used to enjoy browsing thrift stores to find items that I needed for a discounted price.  Then I started noticing the high resale value of some items that I found in thrift stores.  I used to look at the eBay resellers in the thrift stores with annoyance.  My change of heart began when I was reading an article about reselling where it was pointed out how resellers are actually helping move items through thrift stores, which helps the business.  Also, resellers are making items they find available to people who may not otherwise have access to those items.  This concept was reinforced first hand when I received a phone call from someone who had bought a rare dish from my eBay store.  She is willing to drive three or more hours to find pieces to complete her collection.  Being able to help her have access from Louisiana to an item I found in Virginia is oddly satisfying.  I could go on, but I have narrowed down my top ten reasons why thrifting is my newest obsession:

  1. The thrill of hunting down and finding something for cheap that you know is worth many times more.
  2. It’s difficult to break your budget shopping at a thrift store.
  3. Not adding to the overall problem of “too much stuff” that will ultimately end up in landfills.
  4. It’s easier to get rid of thrifted items when the time comes to declutter those items.
  5. You can find unique items not found in retail stores.
  6. Vintage, vintage, vintage. I love all things vintage.
  7. You can resell items to others who would otherwise not have access to them and make a profit.
  8. Recycling and upcycling make you feel good.
  9. You can revamp your wardrobe with all name brand items on a budget.
  10. Most thrift stores are associated with a charity and a portion of their proceeds supports a good cause.

If you are interested in viewing some of my thrift store and estate sale finds, please stop by and to check them out!

4 thoughts on “Thrifting for Fun and Profit

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  1. I’m right with you on this one. I used to haunt the thrift shops. Here we call them Op Shops. So many treasures. Most of my cache was regifted in assorted ways. I’ve never tried reselling. I sound so many high brand name designer label clothes for next to nothing. After Christmas is a good time. People turf unwanted gifts often still in their boxes. I can never understand that.
    Unfortunately most of the metropolitan Op Shops here have changed to selling a lot of new stuff they pick up from retailers at end of season or from bankrupt businesses. To find a truly original, old fashioned Op Shop you really need to find ones that are tucked away in the ‘burbs or the country. Sad 😦
    Thank you, Rebecca, for the follow. I love welcoming new people into my blogging family and finding vintage treasures 🙂

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