Chronically Overcommitted

I have a lot of balls in the air.  I always tend to take on more than anyone could reasonable expect to handle.  But, then again, I’m not really reasonable…and I’m not alone.  So many of us overschedule ourselves and our kids so that we have little to no downtime.  I’ve always had a tendency to overschedule or overcommit my time.  In high school, I had an activity going on every night of the week, in addition to working as soon as I was old enough.  In college, I always took the maximum number of credits allowed and worked outside of school.  Now, with three kids and a full time job, I also volunteer, have a side business selling vintage items, and this blog.  I really do want to do it all, but I’m realizing that I can’t do it all and be good at it all.  At least not all at the same time.  So, I’ve come up with a plan to prioritize what is important and build my plan around those things.  Family, kids, heath, fitness…those are essentials.  For everything else that I want to do I will focus on one goal each month, while maintaining, but not killing myself over, the others.

For the remainder of October I will focus on the essentials and get my rhythm going.  Create quality time with my kids and husband, create a meal plan, and make sure I exercise each day.  Once I have this established (hopefully by November 1st) I will add in my first month’s goal.  Since I’m going to relax on my other goals a bit, I should have about an hour a day to devote to my goal of the month.  For me, I will spend November posting items and trying to build up my Vintage Shop in time for a productive holiday season.

Then, for each following month I will focus on another goal, while relaxing the other goals a bit.  December will be writing month.  Time off work and spending time with family should provide plenty of inspiration and material to write about.  One mini goal will be to write on my blog at least three times per week.  I also want to write some short stories.  Regardless of what I write, I know that December will be writing month.

Each month thereafter I will have another main goal.  If I’m really enjoying something I might focus on it for two months in a row.  Hopefully, relaxing my expectations and narrowing my goals will help me be more successful at all of my goals and will help me become a better juggler so I can keep all my balls in the air!

If you found this helpful or if you have any tips for keeping up with all your goals please comment below!  Thanks for reading!


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